We are meeting at our Church campuses at 18h30 for prayer every evening.

The whole church is encouraged to start the year off by

dedicating it to the Lord through prayer and fasting.







Restoration in the personal space, whatever has been lost






Restoration in the Church


Fear of the Lord to be restored

Hunger for the word of God

Truthfulness and godliness for the Servants of God
End of deception by those who teach and maturity for the saints to discern truth from lies


Restoration of the Nation


Restoration of the Law and Order

Restoration anof Ethical Leadership in government, business and Politics

End of Poverty and its demonic hold over people in our nation




Evangelism & Passion for Soul-winning 
Dedicated labourers in the Kingdom
A great Harvest of souls into the Kingdom
Sustenance and growth of the new souls won for Christ
Growth in the church 
-in prayer, 
-in giving, 
-in reading the word





Restoration of Christian principles in schools (Christ back to school grounds)
Safe learning environment and proper infrastructure for all (pray against violence and substance abuse in schools)
Pray for leaners (primary and high schools) - Passion for learning among leaners and wisdom to excel
Proper and effective governance in all education institutions 
Stakeholders (educators/ Government/SGB) ¬- selfless workers in the education sector
Financial provision for needy in the area of education.
Hope Restoration College to grow and shape destinies
Hope Restoration Bible School to grow leaders



THURSDAY 11/01/2018


Church to repent from disengagement and ignorance of her role in the nation
Church to take center stage in the affairs of the nation
The Prophetic voice of the church in the nation for justice and righteousness
Church to see and meet the needs of the poor, orphans, downtrodden and oppressed
Church to become responsive to the national challenges of leadership and governance
Healing for the nation (integrity/ selfless leadership/ unity/ godliness


FRIDAY 12/01/2018 - FAMILIES


Protection over Families (against domestic violence/ divorce and all other attacks)

Restoration and healing of broken and scattered families

Stronger and Godly marriages.
Teenagers (various challenge they go through)
Accountable and responsible fathers (godly fathers)
Mothers (including singles mothers)




Monday - 02/07/18

Understanding God’s Agenda


Reclaiming of our Identity in Christ

Obedience to the Word of God

Spiritual growth in the body

Salvation for the lost     



Tuesday - 03/07/18

Commitment in the Body


Committed giving/givers

Fresh Focus on the Call

Strength for the journey against the odds
Unity of believers           



Wednesday - 04/07/18

Taking Christ to the Marketplace


Relevance of the church

Freedom from Poverty & Unemployment,

Defeat of Corruption

Effective Church Outreach




Thurday - 05/07/18



Effective & God-fearing leaders in the Church

Servant leadership in government

Accountable leadership in all spheres of society




Friday - 06/07/188



Thriving Families

Godly parenting

Commitment to pass the baton of faith

Parents who think in generational terms













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