DEGREE IN MINISTRY



The Degree in Ministry provides the best ministry preparation and at the end of this program students will be able to integrate Christian principles in critical thinking and decision-making. There are several course majors offered such as: Theology, Ministry, Prophetic Ministry, Apostolic Ministry, Christian Counseling, Christian Education and Christian Entrepreneurship.

Students must have completed a Diploma in Ministry or an equivalent of 60 credit hours.




Financial Information

Once-Off Registration Fee R 1 000.00
Graduation  Fee R 650. 00
Degree in Ministry R 10 125.00
Banking details:

Account Name: Hope Restoration Leadership AcademyBank: ABSACode: 632005Account number: 40-7726-9441

Ref: Use your name, surname and class as reference





Students are expected to attend all classes and four Student Conventions scheduled throughout their term of study. Classes are held at Hope Restoration Leadership Academy every Monday evening. They start from 18h30 – 21h30. Classes will commence 7th April 2014. A Register of attendance is kept. All degree students will start with the same 8 modules before specializing in their chosen majors.

All degree courses will start with the same 8 modules and will only start specializing once these 8 modules are completed. The credits earned from those 8 modules will be added to the 7 specializing modules to give you a total of 60 credits.




Expected Outcomes

Having completed the prescribed study modules in these courses students should be able to:

Explore the Bible in depth and to search for answers to some of the most pressing and confounding questions about man’s connection and relationship with God.
Search for a deeper understanding of the Christian religion and its interpretation of the universe
serve in ministry such as a local church or missions and develop abilities and virtues that will prepare them for their calling and career
provide an in-depth Biblical foundation to supply the values, knowledge and skills needed to effectively serve in church ministry
engage in the systematic study of the Scriptures and theology while being exposed to current theological issues that will enable independent Biblical and constructive thinking in vital areas of ministry
look closer at how Christianity engages culture and how to use the Christian faith to address our world’s toughest issues
formulate essential principles and ethics of Christianity


Degree Courses Offered 

All degrees


Course Code

Course Name


BG301 Biblical World Views 4
BG302 Environmental Analysis/ The Tabernacle of Moses 4
BG303 Mobilization Techniques 4
BG304 Methods of Multiplication 4
BG305 The Five-Fold Ministry 4
BG306 The Five-Fold Anointing 4
BG307 Know What You Believe 4
BG308 21st Century Leadership/ World Religions 4
Degree in Theology
BM401 The Ministry of the Holy Spirit











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