Hope Restoration Ministries Cell groups are small groups of people who meet  on a Wednesday evening. Each cell group’s mandate is to look after members (& non-members) who reside in mutual community. Cell groups develop a community life through which people learn to receive God’s grace and to share His Word with those in the community.  Our cell groups aim to inspire, challenge and provide personal encouragement needed for day to day living.


Cell groups nurture:


1. Healthy relationships between church members in

    the same area,
2. Spiritual growth,
3. Gift development,
4. Healthy Prayer,
5. Worship,
6. Fellowship


These structures are supported by a strong network of Zonal Pastors who in turn have two Care Pastors.  It would make every good sense to belong to one and be part of this vibrant family.  The info desk is your best place of inquiry on Sundays and the church office ideal during the week for allocation.




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