“… so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loves a cheerful giver.” – 2 Cor. 9:7

Hope Restoration Ministries’ vision is to “Restore Hope to our World”. This vision is fulfilled by traveling to speaking engagements, producing television and radio broadcasts, and distributing audio CDs. In “2014” a cornerstone of the ministry was laid in place with the dedication of Hope Restoration Bible College – a college committed to equipping the saints for ministry by providing sound biblical teaching and practical on-the-job training.Through the leadership of Reverend Siphiwe and Pastor PhindiMathebula, Hope Restoration Ministries teaches the truth of the Gospel to the body of Christ in South Africa and around the world with special emphasis on the message of hope.

Rev.Mathebula continues to honor the vision God gave him by serving the people in Gauteng, across the country and the continent. The ministry has literally distributed thousands of food parcels, clothing, built homes for the elderly and the needy and gave bursaries to poor deserving students.This is made possible by faithful men and women who have partnered with Rev.Mathebula to help fulfill the vision. As Rev.Mathebula says, “I guarantee that not one person in heaven will say to me. ‘I wish you hadn’t inspired me to give so much to the Gospel.’ No in heaven, they’ll hug me and thank me for encouraging them to sow. Why? Because there they’ll understand that the only treasure they were able to keep is what they gave away.”

Your gift of just R500 a month can help us save billions of souls.

How much would you give to change the world and reach a billion souls? For R500 a month, you can impact billions of people! How? By becoming a Partner with us. Andrew was the first disciple of Jesus to share his faith and brought Peter to Christ. Peter became one of the greatest apostles of Jesus. He preached on the day of Pentecost and saw 3,000 born again. He healed a lame man at the gate of the temple and 5,000 were born again as a result. He raised Dorcas from the dead, introduced Christianity to the Gentiles, and wrote two books of the Bible which have ministered to millions of people throughout the centuries.

Just think of how many millions of people Peter touched and Andrew was responsible for it all. The accomplishments of Peter recorded in scripture, far outnumber those of Andrew, and yet without Andrew, Peter would not have known Jesus. In the eyes of God, what Andrew did was just as important as what Peter did. As the one who introduced Peter to Jesus, Andrew had a part in every exploit of Peter. In the day when we receive our rewards from the Lord, Andrew will share in every reward that Peter receives. Who knows, by becoming a partner, one of the people you will be touching through this partnership could be the next Peter.

Join Hope Restoration Ministries & its Partners! When you partner with us, you join a special group of people who stand alongside the Ministry to see more lives changed. Your faithful support helps reach the world with the Gospel truth. We believe this is a great opportunity for you to be a part of ushering in the end-time harvest of souls. Get on board today and let’s get the job done!

In addition to supporting Hope Restoration Ministries, partner gifts are also used to help support other like-minded ministries that are gifted and called by God to specialize in areas beyond the scope of Hope Restoration Ministries. Through your partnership, we are able to care for the abused and neglected children, provide disaster relief, and be a part of international missions and restoration.The Hope Partnership is the most requested and fastest growing group of partners in the ministry.

It was established at the request of the many partners who wanted their gift used to reach others and help send this message around the world. Hope Partners have committed to give per month or per year. If you choose to become a Hope Partner, honor that commitment in the way that is most convenient to you. If you feel God is speaking to you about making it possible for more people to hear this message, pledge your monthly support toward this partnership of hope. You will be blessed. Thank you for becoming a partner.

Monthly Payment options

By EFT using your partnership code as payment reference
By credit card
Debit Order -Monthly recurring payments can be arranged with your bank

Our Bank details are as follows:

Hope Restoration Ministries Bank:

Absa Bank Branch code: 632005

Account No.: 909 4666 172

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